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Join influencer Laura Clery as she shares stories, tips, and inspiration from her jet-setting lifestyle and travels around the world.

Welcome to My Travel Blog!

Hi, I’m Laura Clery! I’m a social media influencer and world traveler. On my blog, I share tips, stories, photos, and videos from my adventures across the globe. From jet-setting to exotic locales to backpacking off the beaten path, I cover it all. My goal is to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, see the world, and have transformative experiences. Pack your bags…you’re in for an exciting ride! Whether you’re a fellow traveler looking for inspiration or an armchair adventurer living vicariously through my journeys, I’m thrilled to have you along. Let’s explore this amazing planet together!

Find those things you’re comfortable doing at your current location, and start from there.

Through brand partnerships and collaborations, travel rewards points, and budgeting/saving on expenses.

I shoot with a Sony Alpha mirrorless camera and lens kit. I edit photos on my MacBook Pro.

I use Google Flights and Scott’s Cheap Flights to search for deals and error fares. Sign up for airline email lists for sales.

I research areas, don’t wander alone at night, only take registered taxis, and stay in touch with family/friends.

My passport, a comfortable pair of shoes, and a reusable water bottle.

Roll clothes instead of folding, utilize clothing for multiple uses, and pack only essentials you can re-wear.

I prefer a carry-on sized backpack for mobility and avoiding checked bag fees.

Italy, for the cuisine, wine, history, landscapes and friendly locals. But there are so many amazing places!

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