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Buying tickets online can be super convenient, but those pesky fees can really add up.

If you’re looking to get tickets for an upcoming concert, show, or sporting event, you’ll want to find the ticket seller that charges the lowest fees so you can save some money.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Checkout Page, TicketSource, and many other similar ticket sites typically have lower fees than competitors like Ticketmaster when it comes to buying tickets online.

Read on for a detailed comparison of the fees charged by popular ticket sites.

We’ll look at the different types of fees charged, crunch the numbers on some sample transactions, and make recommendations for how to minimize fees when buying tickets online.

Breakdown of Fees Charged by Top Ticket Sites

Convenience fees

When purchasing tickets online, one of the common fees you may encounter is the convenience fee. This fee is charged by ticket sites to cover the cost of providing a convenient platform for purchasing tickets.

It is essentially a service charge for the convenience of being able to buy tickets from the comfort of your own home.

The convenience fee can vary depending on the ticket site and the event, so it’s always a good idea to compare prices and fees before making a purchase.

Service fees

Service fees are another type of fee that ticket sites often charge. These fees are typically used to cover the cost of customer support and other services provided by the ticket site.

Service fees can vary in amount and are usually added on top of the ticket price.

It’s important to note that service fees can significantly impact the total cost of your ticket, so be sure to consider them when comparing prices across different ticket sites.

Processing fees

Processing fees are fees charged by ticket sites to cover the cost of processing your ticket purchase. These fees are often used to cover credit card processing fees or other administrative costs.

Processing fees can vary depending on the ticket site and the method of payment you choose.

Some ticket sites may offer discounted or waived processing fees for certain payment methods, so it’s worth exploring your options to find the best deal.

Delivery fees

Delivery fees are charged when tickets are physically delivered to your location. This can include fees for shipping or fees for electronic ticket delivery.

Some ticket sites may offer options for electronic ticket delivery at no additional cost, while others may charge a fee for this service.

It’s important to consider delivery fees when comparing ticket prices, as they can add to the overall cost of your purchase.

When comparing ticket sites for the lowest fees, it’s essential to consider all of these different types of fees. While one ticket site may have lower convenience fees, they may make up for it with higher service fees.

It’s also important to note that fees can vary depending on the event and the ticket site’s policies.

To ensure you are getting the best deal, take the time to compare fees across different ticket sites and consider the total cost of your ticket, including all fees.

Comparing Fees on Sample Transactions

When it comes to purchasing tickets online, it’s important to consider the fees associated with each ticket site.

These fees can greatly impact the overall cost of your tickets, so it’s worth taking the time to compare them before making a purchase.

In this section, we will compare the fees on sample transactions for different ticket sites, helping you find the one with the lowest fees in 2023.

Transaction 1: Concert Tickets

Let’s start by looking at the fees associated with purchasing concert tickets. For this example, we will compare three popular ticket sites – Site A, Site B, and Site C.

According to our research, Site A charges a service fee of 10% of the ticket price, while Site B charges a flat fee of $5 per ticket.

On the other hand, Site C has no service fees but includes a convenience fee of $2.50 per transaction.


Ticket Site Service Fee Convenience Fee Total Fees (for 2 tickets)
Site A 10% of ticket price N/A $20
Site B $5 per ticket N/A $10
Site C N/A $2.50 per transaction $5


Based on this comparison, Site B has the lowest fees for this particular transaction, costing only $10 for two tickets. However, it’s important to note that the total fees may vary depending on the ticket price and the number of tickets purchased.

Transaction 2: Sports Event Tickets

Now, let’s compare the fees for purchasing sports event tickets. For this example, we will look at Site B, Site D, and Site E. Site B charges the same flat fee of $5 per ticket as in the previous transaction.

Site D, on the other hand, charges a service fee of 8% of the ticket price, while Site E has a convenience fee of $3 per ticket.


Ticket Site Service Fee Convenience Fee Total Fees (for 2 tickets)
Site B $5 per ticket N/A $10
Site D 8% of ticket price N/A $16
Site E N/A $3 per ticket $6


In this case, Site E has the lowest fees, totaling only $6 for two tickets. It’s worth mentioning that the fees may vary depending on the event and the specific ticket site.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to compare fees for each transaction to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Remember, fees are just one factor to consider when purchasing tickets online. It’s also important to take into account the reliability and reputation of the ticket site, as well as any additional services they may offer.

By doing your research and comparing fees on sample transactions, you can find the ticket site with the lowest fees in 2023 and save some money on your next ticket purchase.

Tips for Minimizing Fees

Buy directly from the venue when possible

One of the most effective ways to minimize fees when purchasing tickets is by buying directly from the venue. Many venues have their own ticketing systems, either through their official websites or physical box offices.

By purchasing directly from the venue, you can often avoid the additional fees charged by third-party ticketing sites.

Not only will this save you money, but it also ensures that you are getting legitimate tickets without any hidden charges or scams.

When buying directly from the venue, it is important to plan ahead and be aware of the on-sale dates and times for the event you are interested in.

Popular events may sell out quickly, so being prepared and ready to make your purchase can increase your chances of securing tickets at face value.

Use promotional codes and cashback

Another way to minimize fees when buying tickets is by taking advantage of promotional codes and cashback offers.

Many ticketing sites, as well as credit card companies and online retailers, offer special discounts or cashback incentives when purchasing tickets.

These promotions can help offset the cost of fees or even provide additional savings.

Keep an eye out for promotional codes that may be shared by the event organizers or advertised on social media platforms.

Additionally, some credit card companies offer cashback rewards for certain purchases, including ticket purchases.

Check with your credit card provider to see if they have any partnerships or offers related to ticketing.

By combining promotional codes and cashback offers, you can potentially save a significant amount on ticket fees. It’s always worth doing some research and exploring different options to find the best deals available.

Avoid paper tickets

While paper tickets may have sentimental value for some, they often come with additional fees. Many ticketing sites charge extra for physical ticket delivery, whether through mail or at will call.

To minimize fees, consider opting for electronic tickets whenever possible.

Electronic tickets, also known as e-tickets, can be downloaded and printed at home or stored on your smartphone.

They eliminate the need for physical delivery and the associated fees. Plus, e-tickets are often more convenient as they can be easily transferred or reprinted if needed.

When purchasing tickets, check if the event offers e-ticket options. Most ticketing sites will clearly indicate whether electronic delivery is available.

Choosing e-tickets can help reduce fees and streamline the ticketing process.

By following these tips, you can minimize the fees associated with purchasing tickets and make your ticket-buying experience more cost-effective.

Remember to stay informed, explore different options, and take advantage of promotions to get the best deals possible.


While most major ticket sites charge a variety of fees, StubHub and SeatGeek consistently have lower total fees compared to competitors. Always be sure to compare all-in pricing across sites before purchasing tickets.

Using promo codes and cashback offers can help you save on fees too. And when possible, buy directly from the venue box office to avoid fees altogether.

We hope this overview gives you the information you need to choose the best ticket site and save the most money on your next ticket purchase!

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