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Soaring from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Ontario International Airport (ONT)?

Whether you’re escaping the Hollywood hustle for Inland Empire charm or catching connecting flights, navigating the transfer between airports can feel like a confusing taxiway of options.

Fear not, weary traveler! This comprehensive guide illuminates your path from LAX to ONT, covering every shuttle service, bus route, and private transfer, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.

If you’re short on time, here’s the scoop: Your LAX-to-ONT options range from budget-friendly shared shuttles to luxurious private cars.

Public buses offer a cost-effective alternative with several stops, while private shuttles and ride-sharing apps provide door-to-door convenience.

Choose your speed, style, and budget, and we’ll guide you through the details!

This article will take you beyond the terminal gates, detailing the pros and cons of each transportation option, comparing costs and schedules, and offering insider tips for a seamless transfer.

So buckle up, fasten your reading belts, and prepare for a stress-free journey from LAX to ONT!

Navigating the Shuttle Spectrum: Shared, Private, and Beyond

Shared Shuttles: Budget-Friendly Options for Groups

Shared shuttles offer an affordable way for groups to get from LAX to Ontario Airport.

These shuttles have a set schedule and make stops at designated pickup and drop-off locations. Riders share the shuttle with other passengers, making it a social experience.

The fares are usually around $120-160 per person each way. 

Ride-Sharing Apps: On-Demand Convenience for Solo Travelers

The main rideshare option for solo travelers headed to Ontario Airport is Jayride Private Transfer.

After claiming your baggage, simply request a ride on the app and a driver will pick you up outside your LAX terminal within minutes. The fare is typically up to $260 per person.

With no fixed schedule, rideshares allow you to leave whenever you’re ready. It’s the most customizable option.

Taking the Bus Route: Public Transit on a Budget

FlyAway Bus: Direct Express Service to ONT

The most convenient and affordable bus option is the FlyAway Bus, offering direct nonstop service between LAX and Ontario Airport for up to $45 per person.

Planning Your Public Transit Journey: Routes, Schedules, and Tickets

When evaluating bus routes, the FlyAway is by far the fastest and most direct option.

Use online trip planners to compare routes and view live schedules before purchasing tickets online or via mobile apps when possible for convenience.

Luggage Considerations and Accessibility Resources

Buses accommodate luggage but space is limited. FlyAway buses have luggage compartments under the bus for oversized items.

For mobility accommodations, call transit agencies in advance to arrange wheelchair accessible vehicles as needed.

Planning Your Perfect Transfer: Essential Tips and Considerations

Comparing Costs and Travel Times: Choosing the Best Fit for Your Budget

When deciding between ground transportation options to transfer from LAX to Ontario airport, cost and travel time are key considerations.

Rideshare services like Jayride Private Transfers offer affordable convenience but the drive can take over an hour in traffic.

Booking Your Transfer in Advance: Secure Your Seat and Avoid Wait Times

Booking ground transfers, whether by shared shuttle or rideshare, days or weeks early ensures you secure a seat and avoid long wait times upon arrival at LAX.

Services like SuperShuttle allow you to reserve a spot on a shared van online ahead of time.

For rideshares, schedule the pickup in advance via the company app after your flight details are confirmed.

Luggage Allowance and Check-In Procedures: Packing Smart for a Smooth Ride

Carefully check luggage restrictions for your ground transfer mode before packing to avoid issues.

Shared shuttles usually allow 1 or 2 checked bags and 1 carry-on bag per passenger. Uber and Lyft vehicles may lack room for lots of luggage.

Beyond the Shuttle: Making Your LA-to-ONT Journey Enjoyable

Airport Amenities and Lounges: Relaxing Layovers and Recharging Your Batteries

Both LAX and Ontario International Airport (ONT) offer first-class amenities like private lounges, spas, yoga rooms, and nurseries to help travelers relax during layovers.

Exploring the Surrounding Areas: Stepping Out for a Bite or Sightseeing

If time permits between transfers, consider exploring sights near the airports.

LA hot spots like Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills are a short ride-share trip from LAX. Or enjoy dining and entertainment in Rancho Cucamonga near ONT, just 40 minutes away.

Sustainability Measures: Making Eco-Conscious Choices for Your Transfer

Both airports are implementing eco-friendly policies, like solar power and all-electric fleets. Ride-share services, public transit, and hotel/parking shuttles offer green transportation choices.

Staying Connected: Wi-Fi, Charging Stations, and Entertainment Options

Free Wi-Fi and charging stations abound in LAX and ONT, so getting online or powering devices is no problem. LAX even has virtual reality and gaming lounges to keep you entertained.

At ONT, you can relax in one of the rocking chairs near gates or check out terminal art displays.

Embrace the Journey: Enjoying the Scenic Route and Unexpected Adventures

Whether you take the quick hour shuttle or opt for a leisurely scenic drive, transferring between LAX and Ontario airports promises new discoveries.

Revel in stunning mountain vistas along the winding highways. Make spontaneous foodie stops at roadside diners and fruit stands.

Expect the unexpected layover that becomes a memorable life adventure!


From bustling LAX to sunny ONT, your transfer journey shouldn’t be a source of stress.

Equipped with the knowledge in this guide, you can confidently navigate the array of options, optimize your travel budget, and enjoy a pleasant and efficient trip.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and let your inner pilot guide you – your smooth passage from LAX to ONT awaits!

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