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Booking airline travel can often feel like navigating a maze of confirmation numbers, passenger names, and various codes.

While most of this information is used by the airline internally, one important number that travelers need access to is the ticket number or record locator.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: To find your American Airlines ticket number, check your reservation confirmation email, print out or mobile boarding pass, or log in to your travel account on

Your 6-letter ticket number will be clearly displayed in all these places.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what an airline ticket number is, why you need it when traveling with American Airlines, and walk through the different ways to find your American Airlines ticket number.

What is an Airline Ticket Number?

An airline ticket number is a unique identifier assigned to your booking with American Airlines.

It is a combination of letters and numbers that helps the airline keep track of your reservation and access important information about your flight.

The ticket number is essential for various purposes, including checking in, making changes to your booking, and claiming any benefits or rewards associated with your travel.

A Unique Identifier for Your Booking

The airline ticket number serves as a unique identifier for your booking with American Airlines.

It distinguishes your reservation from others and allows the airline to retrieve specific details related to your flight.

This number is crucial when communicating with the airline’s customer service representatives or accessing your booking online.

By providing your ticket number, you can easily retrieve important information such as your flight itinerary, seat assignment, baggage allowance, and any additional services you may have purchased, like extra legroom or in-flight meals.

It helps streamline the process and ensures that you receive the correct information pertaining to your journey.

Also Called a Record Locator or Booking Reference

The airline ticket number is also referred to as a record locator or booking reference.

These terms are used interchangeably and refer to the same unique identifier assigned to your booking.

It is usually a six-character alphanumeric code that can be found on your e-ticket or confirmation email.

When contacting American Airlines or accessing your booking online, you may be asked to provide your record locator or booking reference along with your last name.

This combination allows the airline’s system to locate and retrieve your reservation quickly.

If you are unable to locate your ticket number or record locator, it is recommended to check your confirmation email or contact American Airlines’ customer service for assistance.

They will be able to provide you with the necessary information to access and manage your booking.

Why You Need the Ticket Number with American Airlines

When flying with American Airlines, your ticket number is a crucial piece of information that you should always have on hand.

It serves several important purposes and can be useful in a variety of situations. Here are some reasons why knowing your ticket number is essential:

Access Your Reservation

Your ticket number is like a key that grants you access to your reservation.

When you have your ticket number, you can easily retrieve your booking details, such as your flight itinerary, seat assignments, and any special requests you may have made.

This information is vital for staying organized and ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Check In Online or at Kiosks

Having your ticket number handy is particularly important when checking in for your flight.

Whether you choose to check in online or at self-service kiosks at the airport, you will be asked to provide your ticket number.

This allows the airline to verify your booking and issue your boarding pass.

By having your ticket number ready, you can save time and avoid any unnecessary hassle at the check-in counter.

Make Changes or Upgrades to Your Booking

If you need to make changes to your reservation or upgrade your seat, having your ticket number is essential.

Airlines often require the ticket number to authenticate your booking and process any modifications or upgrades.

Without this information, it can be challenging to make the necessary changes to your travel plans.

Reference for Customer Service Issues

In case you encounter any issues during your journey, such as lost baggage or flight delays, your ticket number will be invaluable when seeking assistance from American Airlines’ customer service.

By providing your ticket number, the airline can quickly locate your reservation and address your concerns effectively.

This can help expedite the resolution process and ensure that you receive the necessary support.

Remember, your ticket number acts as an identifier for your reservation and is essential for managing your travel arrangements with American Airlines.

It is recommended to keep a record of your ticket number in a safe and easily accessible place, such as in your email or saved on your phone.

By doing so, you can enjoy a stress-free travel experience and have peace of mind knowing that you have all the necessary information readily available.

Ways to Find Your American Airlines Ticket Number

On Your Reservation Confirmation Email

One of the easiest ways to find your American Airlines ticket number is by checking your reservation confirmation email.

After booking your flight, American Airlines sends you a confirmation email that contains all the details of your reservation, including your ticket number.

Simply open the email and look for the section that mentions your ticket number.

It is usually located near the top of the email, alongside other important information such as your flight dates and times.

On Your Mobile or Printed Boarding Pass

If you have already checked in for your flight either through the American Airlines mobile app or by printing your boarding pass, your ticket number can be found on these documents as well.

On your mobile boarding pass, the ticket number is usually displayed near the top, along with your name and flight details.

If you have a printed boarding pass, the ticket number is typically located at the bottom of the document.

From Your Online Travel Account

If you created an online travel account with American Airlines, you can easily find your ticket number by logging in and navigating to the “My Trips” or “My Reservations” section.

Once you locate your specific reservation, the ticket number will be listed alongside other important details.

This method is particularly useful if you have multiple upcoming flights with American Airlines and need to quickly find the ticket number for a specific reservation.

Remember, your American Airlines ticket number is a unique identifier for your flight reservation and is essential for any inquiries or changes you may need to make.

By using one of these methods, you can easily locate your ticket number and have all the necessary information at hand for a hassle-free travel experience with American Airlines.

What to Do If You Can’t Find Your Ticket Number

It can be frustrating when you can’t find your ticket number, especially when you need it for important travel arrangements.

However, there are a few steps you can take to resolve this issue and get the information you need.

Contact an American Airlines Agent

If you’re unable to locate your ticket number, the best course of action is to reach out to an American Airlines agent.

They have the necessary resources and expertise to assist you in retrieving your ticket number.

You can contact them through their customer service hotline or visit the nearest American Airlines ticket counter at the airport.

Remember to provide them with any relevant information such as your name, flight details, and booking confirmation number, as this will help them locate your ticket number more efficiently.

Provide Alternative Identifying Information

If reaching out to an American Airlines agent doesn’t yield results, you can try providing alternative identifying information.

This could include your passport number, frequent flyer number, or any other details that may be associated with your ticket.

By providing additional information, you increase the chances of the airline being able to locate your ticket number in their system.

Last Resort – Purchase a New Ticket

If all else fails and you still can’t find your ticket number, purchasing a new ticket may be your last resort.

While this may not be ideal, it ensures that you have a valid ticket for your upcoming travel plans.

Before doing so, it’s worth checking the airline’s refund and cancellation policies to see if you’re eligible for a refund or if there are any fees associated with purchasing a new ticket.

Remember, it’s always important to keep your ticket number in a safe place to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Additionally, consider saving a digital copy or taking a screenshot of your ticket details as a backup. This way, you’ll have easy access to your ticket number whenever you need it.


Your American Airlines ticket number is an important piece of information for any trip booked with the airline.

By knowing where to look for your record locator, such as on your reservation confirmation, boarding pass, or online travel account, you’ll have this essential number handy for check-in, making reservation changes, and any customer service needs.

Following this guide, American Airlines travelers can confidently find and manage their bookings by ticket number.

With the key identifier on hand, you can focus on enjoying your upcoming trip and receiving the best experience possible with American Airlines.

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