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Laughing at least three times a day adds eight years to life, probably! Check out some videos and thank Laura when you’re 80.

I’m not doing well right now

We Got Vaccinated !

TikToking while pregnant FAIL!!! 🤰🤣

Back to the Hospital 😩

I told my husband I was insecure about wearing a diaper after giving birth ....#shorts

I went to urgent care !! 😳😳...(for a cold😂)

Meeting baby sister for the first time 😫🤣

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Laura clery black dress


Perhaps Il snort my placenta pills next? #shorts

The Birth of our Daughter (FINALE!) ** UNMEDICATED / INTENSE**

The Birth of our Daughter (Part 2)

The Birth of our Daughter (Pt 1)

Get u a man who hypes u up even when ur in a diaper #postpartumlife #shorts

There’s literally nothing we can’t smell. 😫🤰 Do us a favor & get Fresh AF at 😍🌿

Getting used to his little sister ! #shorts

BABY NAME REVEAL!! 😍😍(Live streamed)

Pregnant with the 2nd 😫🤣

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March 30th was the best day ever ❤️🥺👶 #shorts

MEET OUR BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️👶😗

She's here! Born March 30th at 8.20am! We are so in love #shorts