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Laughing at least three times a day adds eight years to life, probably! Check out some videos and thank Laura when you’re 80.

Responding to hate comments.

anyone who says bullcrap immediately no

Stephen is in the hot seat on this weeks episode… ♥️

Stephen and I...

I can't BELIEVE this happened!!

When ur separated but still want to do Pamela’s Halloween workout #pamelapupkin

Happy Halloween from Pamela Pupkin!!!! #halloweenworkout #pamelapupkin

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Laura clery black dress

Addressing my weight loss

Working together while separated 😳

Was this a god shot?!

I am bisexual.

I wasn’t ready for this

I am in love

this game is a really great distraction from the uncertainty that is my life.

I Lost Myself

I'm Done.

We Separated.

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Sh*t hit the Fan

what word does your toddler butcher

Hit my Breaking Point