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Laughing at least three times a day adds eight years to life, probably! Check out some videos and thank Laura when you’re 80.

How girls compliment each other @ManonMathews

I’m 6 empty coffee cups deep

Weekend from hell…

& whom do I have the pleasure of sharing this cycle with ♥️

New door & new(ish) baby 😍@PinkysIronDoors

When it rains in LA ☔️

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Laura clery black dress

Illinois girl VS Wisconsin guy

True besties start & finish each others sentences

The secret to mental clarity

Is this everyone’s mom or just mine

Are we okay?

Is this everyone’s mom or just mine

Mornings with a toddler

Brittany Furlan Speaks Out...

We totally fooled him...

Why does the waiter always come in the middle of inappropriate conversation 🤣 @ManonMathews

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If adults acted like toddlers

I love her…

Do I look like Nicolas cage? New ep up now..