If you’re traveling through Poland and looking to get from Krakow to Warsaw by train, you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know to take the train between these two amazing cities.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The fastest train from Krakow to Warsaw takes about 2.5-3 hours. You can book tickets in advance online or at the train station. There are around 10 trains per day running between Krakow and Warsaw, with prices starting around 60-80 PLN for a one-way ticket.

Overview of Taking the Train from Krakow to Warsaw

Traveling by train from Krakow to Warsaw is a convenient and popular option for both locals and tourists. The journey between these two vibrant cities in Poland offers picturesque views of the countryside and a chance to experience the efficient and comfortable train system.

Direct Train vs Transfer

When planning your trip from Krakow to Warsaw, you have the option to choose between a direct train or a transfer. The direct train is a straightforward option, as you can hop on the train in Krakow and enjoy a direct journey to Warsaw without any stops or transfers.

This is a great choice for those who prefer a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to explore more of Poland during your journey, you can opt for a transfer. This involves changing trains at a connecting station, such as Katowice or Czestochowa. While it may add a bit more time to your journey, it allows you to visit other cities and break up the trip.

Train Companies Operating the Route

Several train companies operate the route between Krakow and Warsaw, providing travelers with a range of options to choose from. PKP Intercity is the national train operator in Poland and offers frequent connections between the two cities. Their trains are known for their comfort and reliability.

In addition to PKP Intercity, there are also other train companies like FlixBus and Leo Express that operate on this route. These companies often provide competitive fares and modern amenities, making them popular choices for budget-conscious travelers.

Types of Trains Available

When taking the train from Krakow to Warsaw, you can expect to find different types of trains catering to various travel preferences. The most common type of train is the InterCity (IC) train, which offers a comfortable and faster journey between the two cities.

These trains are equipped with amenities such as air conditioning and spacious seating.

For those who prefer a more luxurious experience, there are also options like the Express InterCity Premium (EIP) trains. These trains provide a higher level of comfort, with amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, and onboard catering services.

However, it’s important to note that the EIP trains typically require a reservation.

Duration of the Journey

The duration of the train journey from Krakow to Warsaw can vary depending on the type of train and whether you choose a direct or transfer option. On average, a direct train journey takes around 2.5 to 3 hours, making it a quick and efficient way to travel between the two cities.

If you opt for a transfer, the total travel time may increase depending on the duration of the layover at the connecting station. However, this can be an opportunity to explore another city or take a break before continuing your journey.

For more information on train schedules, fares, and to book your tickets, you can visit the official websites of PKP Intercity (https://www.intercity.pl/en/), FlixBus (https://www.flixbus.com/), or Leo Express (https://www.leoexpress.com/).

Planning Your Train Trip from Krakow to Warsaw

Traveling by train from Krakow to Warsaw is a popular and convenient option for both locals and tourists. Before embarking on your journey, it’s important to plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the necessary information to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Finding Train Schedules and Fares

When planning your train trip from Krakow to Warsaw, it’s essential to know the train schedules and fares. You can easily find this information online on the official website of the Polish State Railways (PKP).

Simply visit their website and enter your desired travel dates to view the available train options. The website provides comprehensive details on departure and arrival times, as well as the duration of the journey.

Pro Tip: It’s always a good idea to check the train schedules in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure you secure your preferred departure time.

Booking Tickets in Advance vs At the Station

When it comes to booking your train tickets, you have two options: booking in advance or purchasing them at the station. Booking in advance is recommended, especially if you have a specific date and time in mind or if you prefer to secure your seat beforehand.

This can easily be done through the PKP website or various online travel agencies.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more spontaneous approach or if you’re flexible with your travel plans, you can buy your tickets directly at the train station. However, keep in mind that popular routes like Krakow to Warsaw can get busy, so it’s always a good idea to arrive early to secure your ticket.

Required Documents and Procedures

Before boarding the train, make sure you have all the necessary documents and follow the proper procedures. As an international traveler, it’s important to have your passport with you. Additionally, remember to validate your ticket before boarding the train.

Ticket validation machines are usually located near the platforms, and failure to validate your ticket may result in a fine.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure about any procedures or regulations, don’t hesitate to ask station staff or fellow travelers for assistance. They will be more than happy to help you navigate the process.

By planning ahead and familiarizing yourself with the train schedules, ticket booking options, and required documents, you can ensure a stress-free and enjoyable journey from Krakow to Warsaw. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic views as you travel between these two vibrant Polish cities!

At the Train Station and Onboard

Arriving at the Station and Boarding

When you arrive at the train station in Krakow, make sure to arrive with ample time before your scheduled departure. This will give you enough time to find your platform and navigate through the station. Look for signs or ask station staff for assistance if needed.

Once you’ve located your platform, there are a few things to keep in mind when boarding the train. Make sure to have your ticket ready and easily accessible, as you’ll need to present it to the conductor when boarding.

Additionally, be aware of any specific boarding procedures or announcements that may apply to your train.

Pro Tip: If you have heavy luggage, look for the designated luggage storage areas on the train or ask for assistance from the train staff. It will make your journey more comfortable.

Onboard Facilities and Services

Trains from Krakow to Warsaw typically offer a range of facilities and services to ensure a comfortable journey. These may include spacious seating with ample legroom, power outlets for charging devices, and free Wi-Fi access.

Some trains may also have a dining car where you can purchase snacks and refreshments.

Did you know? According to a study conducted by the European Railway Agency, train travel has been found to be one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation, producing significantly less CO2 emissions compared to cars or planes.

So, by choosing to travel by train, you’re not only enjoying a convenient journey but also contributing to a greener planet!

Disembarking at Your Destination

As you approach your destination, listen for any announcements or check the train’s information screens for updates on the arrival time and the platform number. It’s a good idea to gather your belongings and prepare to disembark a few minutes before your scheduled arrival.

When exiting the train, be mindful of other passengers and follow any instructions or signs regarding the station’s layout. If you have any questions or need directions, don’t hesitate to ask station staff or consult the information desk.

Pro Tip: If you’re unfamiliar with the city of Warsaw, it’s a good idea to research the public transportation options available from the train station to your final destination. This will ensure a smooth transition from the train to your next destination.

Alternatives to the Train from Krakow to Warsaw


One popular alternative to taking the train from Krakow to Warsaw is traveling by bus. There are several bus companies that operate routes between these two cities, offering a convenient and affordable option for travelers.

The journey by bus typically takes around 4-5 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the specific bus route. Some of the well-known bus companies that offer this route include PolskiBus and FlixBus.

These companies provide comfortable buses with amenities such as Wi-Fi and power outlets, ensuring a pleasant travel experience. Additionally, bus tickets can often be purchased online in advance, allowing for easy planning and avoiding the hassle of long queues at the bus station.

Rideshares and Car Rental

If you prefer a more flexible and personalized travel experience, rideshares and car rental options are worth considering. Rideshare platforms like BlaBlaCar connect drivers with available seats in their vehicles to passengers heading in the same direction.

This can be a great way to meet fellow travelers and potentially save money on transportation costs. Alternatively, renting a car gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and make stops along the way.

There are several car rental companies available in both Krakow and Warsaw, offering a range of vehicle options to suit your needs. However, it’s important to note that driving in a foreign country may require an international driver’s license and familiarity with local traffic rules.

Flying Between Krakow and Warsaw

If time is of the essence or you prefer the convenience of air travel, flying between Krakow and Warsaw is an option to consider. There are multiple daily flights operated by various airlines, including LOT Polish Airlines and Ryanair.

The flight duration is approximately 1 hour, making it the fastest mode of transportation between these two cities. However, it’s important to factor in additional time for airport check-in, security procedures, and transportation to and from the airports.

Keep in mind that flight prices can vary depending on the season and how far in advance you book, so it’s advisable to compare prices and check for any promotions or discounts that may be available.

Each alternative offers its own set of advantages and considerations, so it’s important to choose the option that best suits your preferences and travel needs. Whether you opt for the convenience of the train, the affordability of bus travel, the flexibility of rideshares and car rental, or the speed of flying, you can rest assured that there are multiple ways to travel between Krakow and Warsaw to suit your individual requirements.


We hope this guide gives you all the information you need to easily take the train from Krakow to Warsaw. With several trains running daily, reasonable fares, and a journey time of just 2.5-3 hours, the train is one of the best transport options for traveling between these two fascinating cities in Poland.

Wherever your travels take you, enjoy discovering the rich history, culture, architecture, and nightlife of both Krakow and Warsaw!

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