The Ultimate TikTok Dances to Learn With Your Partner

Couple dancing

With everyone stuck at home and nowhere to go besides Trader Joe’s, you’ve probably been finding yourself staring at your phone way more than normal (or whatever normal is now). And chances are good that you’ve started to accept the fact that you’re likely not going out dancing anytime soon. So, you might as well embrace it and put on your sweatpants for a stay-at-home dance party.

What’s that, you say? You’re already wearing sweats and haven’t changed them since last week? Great, then you’re basically ready to go! If the most excitement you’ve had recently is finishing a puzzle after getting the kids to bed, try learning one of these TikTok dance challenges with your partner.

Funkytown by Lipps Inc.

If your significant other is not into the whole dancing thing yet, you can easily lure them to the dark side with a dance challenge that is great for beginners or folks whose quarantine fitness level can be best described as sloth-like. This is a good starter dance challenge because there’s an excellent chance that you already know most of the moves from everyone’s old Bat Mitzvah fave, the Macarena. Seriously, your grandma can probably nail this one. And if that weren’t enough, it also offers some shoulder shrugs, air guitar moments, and opportunities for some sexy body rolls. What more could you possibly want? Look, you and your partner are bonding already!

Say So by Doja Cat

This one is short and sweet and, like all good viral TikTok dances, has moves that act out the lyrics, making this a good starter challenge if your dude kinda moves like he’s in A Night at the Roxbury. This cute choreography comes at you fast at first but then moves into slow motion, giving you a moment to show off your impressive body roll skills and catch your breath for a quick sec to marvel at the fact that you’re doing something other than watching Netflix. If you guys get discouraged with this one, just remember that the teenager that came up with this dance appeared in Doja Cat’s music video for the song, so just keep working on your moves and maybe one day you, too, could be TikTok famous.

Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira

Did you know that it is a scientifically proven fact that when humans hear a Shakira song, they instantly transform into a sexy belly dancer? Yeah, we were skeptical too, but then we watched this Hips Don’t Lie challenge and tried it ourselves. Turns out our hips always keep it 100 and they’ve missed Zumba class during shelter in place, too. This dance challenge offers opportunities for getting close with some sexy moves, so perhaps this will inspire you to change out of the same outfit you’ve been wearing the last four days. If you won’t do it for you, do it for Shakira. Just remember, when all else fails, you can always bust out some hair-ography. Everyone looks sexy while flipping their hair, even if you desperately need to get your hair done (dear God).

Blinding Lights by the Weeknd

Admit it, the most cardio you’ve done these last few months is walking to the mailbox barefoot and then hauling ass back home when you realize the ground was too hot and you should really be wearing shoes. And that’s ok. We’re all just doing our best during these uncertain times. But that’s why you and your boo (or other shelter in place pal) should tackle this fun dance challenge to remind yourselves of what jogging for more than five seconds feels like. All this jumping around may even inspire you to put on a bra for the first time in months (you remember those things, right?). Sure, this one is usually performed as a trio, but you know what they say, there are no rules in quarantine. Oh, and did we mention the fun finishing move?

Lottery (Renegade) by K CAMP

Now that you guys are basically professional dancers, you’re probably ready for one of the biggest TikTok dances out there. Is it challenging? Sure, but it might be fun to really work that hand-eye coordination you’ve been neglecting these last few months. It’s got some quick and complicated hand movements and some sassy hip bumps awaiting you at the end if you make it through, but, like, what else are you gonna do with your time right now besides master this dance? Watch the Office for the seventh time? Didn’t you say you were trying to come out of quarantine a better person? Well, here is your chance to really make that a reality.

Attention by Todrick Hall

This advanced challenge requires a bit of floor space and probably a background in Cirque du Soleil, so take the dance party outside unless you’re trying to break all your furniture. PRO: If you were looking for an excuse to show off your impressive high kick or tumbling moves, well, now is your time to shine! CON: When you pull a hammie tackling the insane splits in this video, it might be a while before you can get in to see a physical therapist. However, if you think about it, you don’t really have anywhere to go right now anyway, so we say go for it! But please stretch beforehand. Or at least work on your splits for a few days before attempting this.

Weren’t you guys just saying you were thinking about getting off the couch at some point today? Maybe try one of these viral challenges or make up your own now that you’ve realized your new dream of becoming TikTok famous.

Written by: Sari Beliak