The Importance of Creating a Zen Space in a Less Than Zen Home

Being a parent can be tough. Sometimes you feel like everything is magical and it’s a miracle that you’ve brought new life into the world. Other times it feels like you’re living in a war zone and your children are the terrorists (let’s be honest, your husband is probably in on it, too). For days like the latter, having your own place to decompress and chill can be the difference between winning mother of the year and ending up on Investigation Discovery. Here are a few tips on creating your own personal Zen getaway to preserve your sanity.

Designate a space.

When designing a relaxation area, it’s important to have a specific spot you can go to. This could be an entire room, just the corner of a room, a separate apartment. Whatever works. If you don’t have an area you can claim for yourself (or that your kids won’t “accidentally” destroy), get a few items together and keep them in a box, then set up your zone when you’re claiming some time for yourself.  You know, like the middle of the night.

Pick your favorite relaxing items.

Fill your space with items that you find relaxing. Those can be candles, succulents, a small fountain, a minibar — whatever makes leads you to your calm.

Make it cozy.

The key to making your sanctuary space calming is to make it comfortable, so fill your space with pillows, a yoga mat, and meditation cushions. Maybe opt for one of those huge beanbag chairs that engulfs your entire body, so you can feel like you’re in the womb.

Get quiet.

If you have a room that you can designate as your haven, getting quiet time will be easier than if you have to carve out a corner- especially if you soundproof that room and get a deadbolt. For spaces that are a little less private, earplugs or earbuds with soothing sounds can help you escape for those few precious minutes a day.


Soft or natural light filtered through a sheer fabric will work best for your space. While experts say that natural light is best, if your spot happens to be a closet, be sure to get a light with a soft glow that doesn’t have a high wattage.

Let in fresh air.

If you don’t have a spot in your house where you can chill out with fresh air flowing, you may want to head outdoors. Try the corner of your yard, set up on the balcony, or drive to the ocean.

Make it about you.

Pinterest has tons of great ideas for Zen rooms and spaces, but in the end, the point is to make it all about you. Kick all your kids’ toys out of the area for that 10 minutes or three hours you need. Throw your husband’s dirty clothes on the lawn until you’re done with your meditation. Make it a space that you enjoy and will want to come back to day after day.

As a parent, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Setting up your own Zen space is a great way to recharge and reclaim your sanity. Make sure you’re taking care of you, and you’ll be much better equipped to take care of everybody else.

Written by: Amy Pawlukiewicz