Matching Hairstyles You Can Really, Totally Rock With Your Kids

Because twinning (and embarrassing your little) is winning!

We all know that #twinning is #winning. Who better to twin with than your kids? There is only one rule for the perfect matching hairstyle: there are no rules. Here are some fun and playful styles that will be appreciated by children and grown-ups alike.

The “Judgement-Free Zone” High Bun

This go-to hairstyle is simple and perfect for active moms and kids. Place the bun high on top of your head. The higher the hair, the closer to the heavens. It will keep hair out of your face when you’re chasing your toddler, who hijacked your phone and is sending selfies to everyone in your contacts again. It’s also ideal for humid afternoons and the (many) days that there’s just no time for a shower. Add a knotted headband or a bandana for a Rosie the Riveter look.

The “I Have My Shit Together” Half-Updo Bun

Who says updos are only for weddings and prom? If you want your hair out of your eyes but still want to feel mermaid with cascading locks, this will do the trick! This look is a little classier than a classic pony or a full-on bun. You can add some beachy waves to the hair that remains down if you really want to look like you have your shit together!

The “I Need A Vacation But This Will Do” Beachy Waves

Speaking of beachy waves… just the name brings my mind to a tropical vacation with sun and warmth and not a care in the world. You know, the spot you mentally escape to when you look outside to see your kindergartner rolling in the mud with the dog. It also reminds us of how effortless beauty can really be. Simply allow the hair to air dry with nothing more than some product to keep those curls in check. You can achieve the perfect waves from an air dry and a sea-salt or light texturizing spray, or with a curling iron if you’re working with dry hair.

The “I Look Good All On My Own” Natural Look

Go natural and rock those locks! Accessorize as desired… or don’t. You’ve done enough today.

The “I’m A Cool Mom!” Unicorn Style

There are many kinds of temporary hair dyes that wash out in one or two shampoos, or you can go DIY with chalk or Kool-Aid. Whether you’re coloring the entire head or just doing the bottom for a dipped effect, this look screams, “I’m a cool mom! No, really!” You can also opt for more than one color for a stripy or ombre look. Allow your creativity to shine!

The “No Place Like Home” Classic Dorothy Braids

Look to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for inspiration. This classic style is cute, playful, and stylish all in one and it keeps your hair at bay for an active day. Add some bows or ribbons at the end for the ultimate Dorothy from Kansas look. It may also be referred to as The Wendy, of Wendy’s fast food mascot fame, or The Pippi Longstocking, whose iconic braids-defying-gravity look you can achieve by adding just a few pipe cleaners.

The “Not As Complicated As I Look” Fishtail

This style may look really difficult and time consuming, but I promise you, it is not. While the name may not conjure up the most striking of images, the hairstyle is elegant. Your child may be able to do your own fishtail for you, with the right instructions (if you don’t know how to do a fishtail braid, YouTube will be your best friend). Add some matching bows for a pop of color.

Written by: Meg Scanlon