If you’re looking into purchasing the popular KTM RC 390 sportbike, one of the key factors you’ll want to consider is the seat height. With its aggressive supersport styling, the RC 390 caters towards more performance-oriented riders.

However, its seat height is an important consideration if you’re on the shorter side.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: the stock KTM RC 390 has a seat height of 824mm or 32.4 inches. This puts it on the taller side for a beginner-friendly 300-400cc sportbike.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide key details on the RC 390’s saddle height. We’ll look at how it compares to other bikes in its class, go over factors that affect seat height, and provide tips for shorter riders.

KTM RC 390 Stock Seat Height

The KTM RC 390 is a popular supersport motorcycle known for its aggressive styling and powerful engine. One of the key specs that riders pay attention to is the seat height, as it impacts the motorcycle’s ergonomics and ease of handling.

Here is an overview of the KTM RC 390’s stock seat height and how it compares to other bikes in its class:

Key Specs

The stock seat height on the KTM RC 390 is 810 mm (31.9 inches). This puts the RC 390 on the taller side for a supersport 300-400cc class motorcycle. Some key details about the seat include:

  • Narrow design to allow the rider to easily plant their feet on the ground when stopped
  • Steeply sloped shape to allow the rider to shift their weight forward easily
  • High-grip seat covering to help keep the rider in place during aggressive riding

The seat is designed to complement the RC 390’s aggressive ergonomics focused on performance and control.

How It Compares

Compared to other popular supersport 300-400cc motorcycles, the KTM RC 390 has a taller seat height:

Motorcycle Seat Height
KTM RC 390 810 mm
Yamaha R3 780 mm
Honda CBR300R 785 mm
Kawasaki Ninja 400 795 mm

As you can see, the KTM’s seat is 25-30mm taller than key competitors. This gives the RC 390 a more aggressive, sportbike riding position optimized for performance and track use.

However, the seat height may be intimidating for newer or shorter riders. Some choose to get the seat shaved or opt for a low seat replacement from the aftermarket to better manage the height.

What Impacts the RC 390’s Seat Height

The seat height of the KTM RC 390 is an important consideration for riders of all heights. Several factors can impact the seat height of this sporty motorcycle, including suspension settings, tire size, and aftermarket parts.

Suspension Settings

The suspension settings of the KTM RC 390 can play a significant role in determining its seat height. The bike’s suspension can be adjusted to accommodate different rider weights and preferences. By adjusting the preload, compression, and rebound settings, riders can lower or raise the seat height to suit their needs.

It’s important to note that adjusting the suspension settings should be done carefully and with the guidance of a professional. Incorrect adjustments can affect the bike’s handling and stability, so it’s best to consult with a knowledgeable technician or refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Tire Size

The tire size of the KTM RC 390 can also have an impact on its seat height. Different tire profiles and sizes can affect the overall height of the bike. For example, larger and wider tires can increase the seat height, while smaller and narrower tires can lower it.

When considering different tire options, it’s essential to consult the bike’s manual or speak with a professional to ensure that the chosen tire size is compatible with the bike’s specifications. Opting for tires that are too large or small can affect the bike’s performance and safety.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts can provide riders with the opportunity to customize their KTM RC 390 to their liking, including the seat height. Some aftermarket parts, such as adjustable rearsets or lowering kits, can help lower the seat height to make it more accessible for shorter riders.

It’s important to choose aftermarket parts from reputable manufacturers and ensure that they are compatible with the KTM RC 390 model. Consulting with a professional or referring to the manufacturer’s guidelines can help ensure that the chosen parts will fit and function correctly.

Tips for Shorter Riders

Motorcycle enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important for riders of all heights to feel comfortable and confident on their bikes. For shorter riders, finding the right seat height can be crucial to achieving a comfortable riding position.

Here are some tips to help shorter riders make adjustments to their KTM RC 390:

Lower the Suspension

One option for shorter riders is to lower the suspension of their KTM RC 390. This can be done by adjusting the preload on the front and rear shocks. However, it’s important to note that lowering the suspension may affect the bike’s handling and ground clearance.

It’s recommended to consult with a professional mechanic or suspension specialist before making any adjustments.

Get a Lower Seat

Another option is to replace the stock seat with a lower seat. There are aftermarket seat options available that can provide a lower seating position, allowing shorter riders to reach the ground more easily.

It’s important to choose a seat that still provides adequate support and comfort for long rides. Checking with KTM dealerships or online retailers can help you find the right seat for your needs.

Modify the Seat Foam

If replacing the entire seat is not an option, modifying the seat foam can be a cost-effective alternative. By removing some of the foam or reshaping it, riders can lower the seat height to their preference.

However, it’s important to note that this modification may affect the overall comfort and support of the seat. It’s recommended to experiment with small modifications and test the seat before making any permanent changes.

Consider Other Modifications

In addition to adjusting the suspension and seat, there are other modifications that shorter riders can consider to improve their riding experience. For example, adjusting the handlebars can help achieve a more comfortable riding position.

Adding footpeg lowering kits can also provide additional legroom. It’s important to research and consult with experts to ensure that any modifications are done safely and effectively.

Remember, finding the right seat height is essential for shorter riders to feel confident and in control on their KTM RC 390. Whether it’s adjusting the suspension, getting a lower seat, modifying the seat foam, or considering other modifications, there are options available to help shorter riders achieve a more comfortable riding position.


While the KTM RC 390 sits tall with its stock 32.4 inch seat height, there are ways for shorter riders to gain confidence and control of this nimble sportbike. With some simple suspension adjustments or seat modifications, you can lower the bike significantly.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t let a higher seat height deter you from an otherwise fantastic package like the RC 390. Just be sure to take the proper steps to size the bike appropriately for your height and riding abilities.

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