Traveling can be stressful, especially when it comes to checking in for your flight. If you’re flying United Airlines and want to ensure a smooth check-in process, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a quick answer to checking in for your United flight: You can check in online starting 24 hours before your flight on the United website or mobile app. At the airport, you can use the self-service kiosks or go to the United check-in counter.

Be sure to have your confirmation number and valid ID ready.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about checking in for your United Airlines flight, whether you’re checking in online, on the United app, or at the airport. We’ll provide tips to speed up the check-in process and make your journey hassle-free.

Check In Online Starting 24 Hours Before Your Flight

Checking in for your United Airlines flight has never been easier. With the convenience of online check-in, you can save time and avoid long queues at the airport. Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to your departure time, allowing you to check in from the comfort of your home or office.

Use the United Website or Mobile App

To check in online, you have two options: using the United Airlines website or the United mobile app. Both options offer a user-friendly interface that allows you to complete the check-in process hassle-free. Simply visit the United website or open the mobile app, and click on the “Check In” button.

Website: Visit and navigate to the “Check In” section. Enter your confirmation number and last name to access your booking and begin the check-in process.Mobile App: If you prefer to check in on the go, download the United mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app, tap on the “Check In” tab, and provide your confirmation number and last name to proceed.

Have Your Confirmation Number Ready

When checking in online, it’s important to have your confirmation number handy. This unique code is typically found on your e-ticket or booking confirmation email. It’s a series of letters and numbers that identifies your specific flight reservation.

Having your confirmation number ready will make the check-in process faster and more efficient.

Print or Download Your Boarding Pass

After completing the online check-in process, you will be prompted to either print your boarding pass or download it to your mobile device. Printing your boarding pass is a convenient option if you prefer to have a physical copy.

Simply use your home or office printer to print the pass and remember to bring it with you to the airport.

If you prefer a digital boarding pass, you can download it to your smartphone or tablet. This option allows you to present your boarding pass electronically, saving paper and reducing the risk of losing it.

When using a digital boarding pass, make sure your device is fully charged and easily accessible at the airport.

Remember, online check-in is available for most United Airlines flights, excluding certain international destinations. By checking in online, you can skip the check-in counter at the airport and head straight to the security checkpoint, saving you valuable time and ensuring a smoother travel experience.

Checking In at the Airport

When it comes to checking in for your United Airlines flight, there are a few options available to you. Whether you prefer a self-service kiosk or speaking with a representative at the check-in counter, United Airlines has made the process convenient and efficient for their passengers.

Use the United Self-Service Kiosks

United Airlines offers self-service kiosks at most airports, allowing passengers to check-in quickly and easily. These kiosks are user-friendly and provide step-by-step instructions on how to check-in for your flight.

Simply follow the prompts on the screen, scan your ID or enter your confirmation number, and you’ll be able to print your boarding pass and any necessary baggage tags. This option is perfect for those who prefer a self-service experience and want to avoid long lines at the check-in counter.

Go to the United Check-In Counter

If you prefer a more personal touch, you can always head to the United check-in counter at the airport. Here, you’ll find friendly and knowledgeable representatives who are ready to assist you with the check-in process.

Simply provide your identification and flight details, and they will print your boarding pass and handle any baggage requirements. The check-in counter is a great option for those who have specific questions or need extra assistance.

Valid ID Required for Checking In

It’s important to note that when checking in for your United Airlines flight, you will need to present a valid form of identification. This can include a driver’s license, passport, or any other government-issued ID.

Make sure to have this readily available when checking in, as it will be required to verify your identity and ensure a smooth check-in process.

For more information on checking in for your United Airlines flight, you can visit their official website at They provide detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions to help make your travel experience as seamless as possible.

Tips for Speeding Up the Check-In Process

Checking in for your United Airlines flight can sometimes be a time-consuming process. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you speed up the check-in process and get you on your way to your destination more efficiently.

Check In Exactly 24 Hours Before

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth check-in process is to check in exactly 24 hours before your flight. United Airlines allows passengers to check in online or through their mobile app starting 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

By checking in at this specific time, you can secure a better seat selection and increase your chances of getting an upgrade.

Checking in early also allows you to avoid long lines at the airport and gives you more time to prepare for your flight. So set a reminder and make sure to check in right at the 24-hour mark!

Check In Bags the Night Before

If you are traveling with checked baggage, another way to speed up the check-in process is to check in your bags the night before your flight. Many airports offer bag drop-off services where you can check in your bags and receive your boarding pass the night before your flight.

This eliminates the need to wait in line at the check-in counter the next day, saving you valuable time.

By taking advantage of this service, you can simply arrive at the airport, go through security, and head straight to your gate. It’s a great option for those who want to avoid the hassle of checking in bags on the day of the flight.

Join TSA PreCheck

To further expedite the check-in process, consider joining TSA PreCheck. This program allows pre-approved travelers to go through a dedicated security screening line, where they can keep their shoes, belts, and light jackets on, and leave laptops and liquids in their bags.

This can save you a significant amount of time and stress at the airport.

Applying for TSA PreCheck is a simple process that involves filling out an application, undergoing a background check, and completing an in-person interview. The program is valid for five years and costs $85. It’s a small price to pay for the convenience and efficiency it provides.

By following these tips and utilizing the resources available to you, you can speed up the check-in process for your United Airlines flight and have a more enjoyable travel experience. Remember to check in exactly 24 hours before, check in your bags the night before if possible, and consider joining TSA PreCheck for a smoother journey through security.

Safe travels!


Checking in for your United Airlines flight is easy whether you do it online, on the mobile app, or at the airport. By checking in as early as possible and utilizing time-saving tips like checking bags the night before, you can breeze through the check-in process.

Following this guide will ensure you have a smooth, stress-free journey on your upcoming United flight.

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