Five Exercises You Can Do with Your Partner

What exactly is it about spring and summer that is so motivating? There is something about the warm air that makes me want to eat a bag of Otter Pops while binge-watching New Girl. However, eventually the only flavor left is red, which means that it is time to do something productive.

One of my favorite activities is taking advantage of the beautiful weather and exercising outside with my partner. The beauty of working out with your S.O. is you know that you both will be brutally honest with each other. Friendship is beautiful and fantastic until it comes to exercise. Oh, what’s that? You can’t make it because your nephew’s gerbil died defending his country? No worries, best friend. I know that you really just want to take advantage of that HBO free week trial, but because I love you, I’m going to remind you that those pumps you bought on Black Friday go well with your funeral dress. I’ve got you, bestie.

My partner, however. Oh, what’s that? You can’t make it because you have a charley horse again? Bullshit. You better grab your running shoes and that new jump rope we bought during quarantine and meet me outside in twenty. I know where you sleep, pal. We’re in this to win it, baby. Here are five exercises that can help motivate you and your partner to remind the world that you put the WE in TEAM (the W is silent).

Jump Squats

20 reps of jumping squats are not only a good warm-up to get your blood pumping, but also an easy way to continue to remind your partner of your intense jealousy of the height difference. Every good warm-up leads to an unnecessary fight on a Sunday morning. It’s great for your skin, too!

Cross-Over Sit-Ups

For 20 reps, slowly roll up to your sitting partner, fist bump or high-five them, then slowly roll back. Nothing says togetherness like recreating bonding exercises from your 7th Grade gym class with the weird kid who had pocket cheese. The couple that fist bumps together stays together.

High Five Lunges

For 15 reps, lunge forward so that the sides of each other’s left foot line up. When your foot moves down, high five each other’s right hand. Not only will this tighten your core, but it will tighten your bond. The tighter the core, the bigger the honeymoon, am I right, friends?

Wall Sits

Instead of leaning against the wall, face away from each other so that you are back-to-back. Rest your backs against each other and lock your arms together. Hold for one minute. While you are holding for a minute, think about that one really great vacation you had three years ago at Yellowstone. Don’t think about how much you carry this relationship on your back with all of the planning you do and how it would be great if just once your significant other could plan a nice cabin getaway or even just a road trip up the street to Trader Joe’s or just LITERALLY ANYTHING AT ALL OKAY? OKAY. Repeat twice.

Thirty Minute Jog

Two women jogging

Running is great for cardio, for your heart, for your organs. Start slowly down the street and then gradually increase your pace together. Stretch your arm out to the left and pull back. While your partner is looking at what you were pointing to, quickly take a detour down the alley and keep running until you reach the boulevard. Start a new life with supplies that you find in the thrift store on the corner. Return in three hours when you realize that you forgot everything you own and it’s too much effort to start a new life from scratch. Do two reps.

I hope that these beginner exercises will help get you and your sweetheart out to enjoy the fresh air. Remember to always stretch before and after your workout and proper hydration! Sunscreen is your friend!

Written By: Ash Griffith