Eight Vegan Foods Every Pregnant Person Should Stock Their Kitchen With

Pregnant woman with fruit

You’re pregnant. Your feet are a little swollen, your moods are up and down and all around, and oh boy, those cravings! It doesn’t help that your stomach is doing something weird (and usually a little gross) every day.

You read all the books. You are one prepared mama, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Good for you! You’re doing GREAT! No one needs to tell you to load up on folic acid and iron. You KNOW this. But growing a new life can be completely overwhelming and for that, we’re here for you.

Now back to those cravings. The good news is, there are a ton of vegan foods you can snack on that are great for your pregnancy and just may satisfy a craving, at least until the next one comes about ten minutes later.  Here are a few items you should stock your kitchen with for the next nine months.

Sweet Potatoes

Not only are sweet potatoes delicious, but they are also LOADED with vitamin A, which is especially important during the first trimester. Vitamin A is best taken naturally, as opposed to in a supplement. You don’t want to oversaturate intake on vitamin A during pregnancy: this could lead to birth defects. Luckily for you, there are about a million and a half things you can make with sweet potatoes that cover nearly every craving. Hankering for a little treat? Sweet potato pie it is! Is a salty snack calling your name? Sweet potato fries or chips will do the trick! Healthy lunch? Cube some roasted sweet potatoes and add them to your salad. 


Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are high in vitamin C, folate, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. Throw them into a smoothie, top your morning oatmeal with them, or mix a handful into some vegan yogurt, and you’re on your way to a healthy start.


Avocadoes are rich in folate (and vitamin b6), which can ease some morning sickness for you and promote healthy tissue growth for your little one. That’s what I call two birds, one stone.


If you go through a period where the thought of eating certain vegetables makes you gag, like, you can’t even sneak them into a smoothie without dry heaving, mangoes may be a good temporary substitute. They have the vitamin A and vitamin C you may be low on. During warm weather months, blend mangoes with a little oat milk or water and put the puree in an ice cube tray with toothpicks for some easy DIY frozen snacks.


We’ve established that we’re big fans of nuts here, and that’s a good thing! Nuts are loaded with vitamins and other things you need while pregnant: fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E, specifically. Different nuts come with different benefits of course. Almonds? Full of calcium. Walnuts? Tons of omega-3 fatty acids. And peanuts? Folate, believe it or not.

Broccoli, sprouts, kale, greens

Kale (or other dark leafy greens)

Eating your veggies has never been more important.  Kale, and other dark leafy greens like spinach, are basically pregnancy superfoods. Most have: folate, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C, iron, calcium, AND vitamin K. Need I say more?


Oats have a few very great things going for them. They are delicious, incredibly customizable, and one cup of cooked up of oats, on average, has about 4 grams of fiber (the recommended daily intake is about 25-30 grams). Say goodbye to that pesky pregnancy constipation! It’s the little things.


If you’re a little low on energy and struggling with that caffeine limit, a banana could be the answer to your problem. The fruit will give you an energy boost and bananas are also gentle on the stomach. If you’re facing morning sickness (why do they call it morning sickness when sometimes it lasts ALL FUCKING DAY?), try snacking on a banana. Bonus: potassium encourages healthy blood pressure and reduces bloat.

Written by: Katherine Barner